About Us

I can’t stand misused commas, nacho cheese, or rudeness.


I believe in the underdog, the kindness of strangers, and writing as a way to color the world.


Strong, confident women are intimidating as hell; love her anyway.


The black dog originally inspired this blog, as we started looking for all the joy in the morning.

He is part black lab, part sharpei and all sweet silliness. He was a sick rescue puppy out of Arizona and landed in the most amazing foster home.

I’ve spent more money than I ever intended on that dog, cried from worry over him and sewed him somewhere into the seams of my heart.

He lives just to be alive and reminds this girl every day just what unconditional love looks like, even when it’s dug up the roses.

This blog is a tale of tails and trails that changed my life and the life of the black dog. Maybe a little corner of these stories will reach you in some way, let you know that you aren’t alone in this.

There’s been a lot of brokenness in our lives but the one thing me and the black dog know for sure is that God is always good. Always. And for that, we are thankful. I’ve learned so much from this dog.

Maybe you can learn a little something from his old soul, too.

You were created to live a life that no one else can live.  -Lauren Dubinsky


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