We shall be free

Why must death teach us how to live?

For we are only hosts of the Holy Spirit. The moment we ascend heaven, we become merely flesh and marrow. It seems we should spend all our days in the sunshine, to live among the things wild and free, peaceful and wild when the weather changes.

When I die, I pray to leave the way he did. On a nice sunny day, the chance to say goodbye to the ones held in my heart, drifting toward the Maker. To leave without fear.

We cry for the ones left behind, who feel the absence of a steady presence. For the one who has died, we feel joy for a life well lived. For ourselves, we enter a period of grief.

But though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall feel no fear.

As we are born into this world, so we must depart. In between we must learn bravery and exhilaration and love. To buck on a snowy morning. To run wild when the rain clouds gather. To bask in the life rays of the sun. To seek death with understanding. To know God as life.


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