I Resolve

It’s January One. Time to use the snowy landscape as a blank canvas for this year’s intentions.

1. To stay healthy. No more hospitals! The remedy is fresh air and sunshine and maybe the occasional chocolate. Plenty of dancing and leafy greens.

2. To be one person. Less emotional intertwining and more simplicity to reveal the self. A discovery that happens only when your house is your own.

3. Adventures with amigos. We live too far apart. Let’s make new memories anyway.

4. More writing, less zoning. (Except when zoning is necessary.) Some kind of poetry, always statements, maybe a song.

5. Finish the house. It’s that old time charm with round archways and a chandelier.

A top five for 15 seems good to me. It’s all feeling right and settled and calm. It shall be a year of steady peace with a dash of whimsy. Right where I need to be.



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