Gifts They Gave Me

In the last five years, I’ve met a lot of people, had a lot of coffee and conversations, and learned more about what a gift really is. As Christmas nears, I think the greatest gifts are the people in our lives, whether they’ve become permanent fixtures or transient interactions. They all gave me something. After all, “God doesn’t pass us notes; He passes us each other.”
with me
Al – Thank you for teaching me a thin cord of steel resides in myself and that laughter is important in any relationship.

Caitlin – Very, very few words describe the way my heart loves you. Dearly – very dearly. You are the definition of beautiful. You are lovely. You show me how to love. You are family and I’m pretty sure you are my soul sister.

Dawn – Thank you for giving me a shot, getting me started in a career. For the education and a growing appreciation for dreams and art. I learned more than I realized.

Elle – I’ve watched you grow, seen you blossom and become confident in your decisions, in your life, in your love. You are a butterfly. May your wings be always fluttering. Thank you for the adventures. There’s no one I’d rather helplessly watch a dishwasher suds over a foreign floor with. Let’ go again. Because you’ve made me braver.

Charles – Thank you for giving me the gift of time, for helping me realize we don’t live on a timeline and have to do certain things at a certain age. You showed me freedom and made me love motorcycles.

Jill – For being my mentor and coach and cheerleader. You taught me how to be vulnerable and strong and kind.

Mary – Thank you for being my training partner and revealing how everyone lives life on their own terms.

Amy – You’ve been my backup mom on more than one occasion. No one knows the hell I’ve been through better than you do. I find you incredible. That kind of support is one of kind. I could probably write a whole book on all the times you showed up.

Linda – You’re tough. I love that, the don’t take any nonsense from the world and just get out there and get it done. I owe you my whole life.

Dave – For always holding down the fort and for the twinkle in your eye. I’ve always had a place to land thanks to you.

Marlene – You’ve taught me generosity and the importance of building friendships. A cheerful attitude can pull you through just about anything.

Duane – To conquer the world and shrug off what they say. To take advice from rabbits on the corner and not the credit card companies.

Liza – Heavens you shine. You’ve always been so genuine. May I have that same transparency in my own life.

Nick – For teaching me about love and kindness. You are the definition of thoughtful. Hopefully I can make everyone in my life feel as important as you made me feel.

Blake – Ah, the captain of motivation. You are never far from my mind. You taught me how to chase a dream and to wake up early. That spirit of strength has pulled me through some tough moments.

Nicole – You are the beginning and the end. You are brilliant and smart and funny. I mostly want to be you.

All of these people and so many, many more have shaped the way I face experiences and decide who I want to be in life. I could write you each a letter. When a general in Napolean’s army was asked what he would do if he could do it over, he said he’d give more praise. That’s what this is about.


One thought on “Gifts They Gave Me

  1. words cant describe how excited i am to read your words again. you inspire me to be thankful and live life with a heart of gratitude. longing for the day when we can eat salame and drink red wine and let gelato melt through our fingers. you my dear, are one of my favorites. never stop writing.

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