a word, we would

If love were a song to you

we’d sing it back before crickets

won the evening twice

if peace were a stone they threw

we’d catch it with rough hewn hands

cradling the oceans of the world

if joy were a heavenly praise

we’d memorize the shape of its shadow

dwelling in the heart of the believer

if hate were a battle undone

we’d cast our nets wide

for the black minnows called home

if pain were a mantle heavy hanging

we’d hoist the weight ourselves

and sail it into your seared light

if laughter were a stolen leaf

we’d shake the aspen trees with dancing

pouring out iced grief

if prayer were a life written

we’d never put the pen down

for fear of forgetting white

if heaven were a starry cross

we’d reside in stoic silence

next to everywhere.


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