italia. amore. elle.


moving to florence for four weeks.




how often do you get to move to italy for a month? now is the time, i told myself. i had left my summer open, taking a class from may to june, maybe combining a little wheat in the july heat, and then some vague notion of travel.

so when elle asked me over coffee to come to italy with her, i about choked on my chai. as the idea took root, all i wanted to do was say yes to this whisper of whimsy.

but the responsible little person in my head voiced concerns over money, paperwork, and who will watch the dog? of course, none of these were a real reason not to go.

the real reason not to go? scared of the wild blue yonder. i’m infamous for promoting adventure, but only in other people’s lives. i keep telling the engineer to take a job in a new state, to go experience something new, because now is the time to go. there are no permanent ties here, no stakes anchoring you to this place. you are free to pack and bag and roam far and wide.

easier said than done.

so somewhere inside, i had to hush the uncertainty, and embrace what awaits on the other side of the atlantic.

i couldn’t be more excited.

elle asked me on a friday, and sunday night i sent her this:

“i’m coming with you. xo”

i’m so excited to travel back to our roots with this beautiful girl. we first met in a writing class: her blog was infused with jesus, and i knew i had to ask her to coffee. so i took a deep breath and made a date. now, we’re filling out paperwork and sending texts when classes get approved.

this is absolutely the most spontaneous thing i’ve ever done. i never dreamed i’d be moving halfway around the world with someone who radiates jesus the way this girl does. even writing that sentence feels surreal.

here’s to an extraordinary adventure with an extraordinary girl with an extraordinary god.

may there be love and laughter and planes and rome and wine and jesus under a starry italian sky.


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