Love Fest

Today is my sweet, sweet boy’s 2nd birthday.

That’s right. The black dog’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. (I decided this, because it’s easier to remember and to do the math from when I adopted the little monster. Also, now I always have a Valentine that won’t shudder if I hug him way too tight.)

I love love. And dogs. It’s one of my requirements in any guy of potential boyfriend material: Must love dogs.

I can’t believe that the black dog is two!! Neither can most people who meet the puppy, seeing as how he is like the chillest dog. Ever.

In honor of his special day and how much I love him, here’s a nice list:

  1. He does a happy dance when either Tante or myself comes home. Every. Single. Time. We’ll be like, dude we just saw you 30 minutes ago. I KNOWWWWWW, I MISSED YOU!
  2. He loves toast. ‘Nuff said.
  3. The silly run he does where he tucks his butt under him to achieve maximum velocity when the only answer to life is to go super fast like a crazy person.
  4. His silky black ears.
  5. The way he talks to us, tell me what you want boyyy!
  6. His great love of mornings and sticks that meet his high standards.
  7. The voiceover we do for him when he talks to us, pretty sure it’s dead on.
  8. How he’ll get all of the toys out of the basket. So cute to see which one is his favorite for the day!
  9. His special man-bond with my dad, the only person who can sufficiently rough him up.
  10. His general zest for living, the way he uses any excuse to get back in bed, and those big brown eyes.
  11. For his unconditional love, the way he shows me how to treat people in my life; with unconditional love.

My baby dragon is slowly leaving puppyhood behind, but he’s my sweet boy and he’s such a good dog. Sure, he can be a real pain (especially when I really need to work and he really wants to play!) and it’s probably more responsibility than I banked on – he has had waaaaaay more pedicures than I ever will – but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

ham sauce

Happy birthday, Super K!


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