Don’t build the fences.

The stones you need for the walls are too heavy.

Barbed wire was never meant for your heart.

These fences that you try to build are only tangling you up. You want some kind of protection from a tragedy you are certain is coming, even though the horizon is free and clear as far as you can see.

Marc Falardeau | Creative Commons

You have no need for the fences.

Happiness doesn’t need to be snagged on that barbed wire; it’s not going to just fly away the moment you turn on the lights. This happiness is solid, real, tangible. You are solid, real, tangible.

You are the faithful, the obedient, the called.

You are the light, the joy, the kind.

You are not the mistakes of your past nor the failures of your future.

Don’t worry about things that have not happened, that may never happened. Take the sunrise staining the sky for the beauty of the light, listen to the thump of the heartbeat, the same thump of a wagging tail, and move forward.

Don’t you know?

You are free.


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