May Hope Rise

Hope is that indescribable thing which gives us faith for the intangible.

In the midst of so much tragedy, turmoil, anger, sadness, and fear, we must seek out hope.

So many people have asked, in the face of the horror that befall Newtown, where was God in this place?


God is Immanuel.

God is with us. We cannot remove Him from our schools, our government, our lives. He is with us. God is us.

I cannot begin to fathom the emotions that ran through those facing such loss.

There are no words.

The day following the tragedy, I woke with tears on my face. As I questioned what kind of God would let this happen to innocent lives, where he might be found in such terrible circumstances, it hit me.


God was crying, too.

I cannot claim to speak for God, that I somehow have words that He gave me to share. But as surely as tears escaped from my soul, tears escaped from heaven.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


I pray that those hurting so much right now, will find small pockets of peace to hold on to in the storm.

I pray that we will all love each other a little better, hold on a little tighter, care a little more.

I pray that those who have inherited this earth will be good stewards, humble and kind.

I pray that hope will reign eternally, despite the enemy’s best efforts.

I pray for those lost in the darkness of depression and negativity, for those who feel alone.

I pray for husbands and wives, sons and daughters, families and communities.

I pray and pray and pray for healing.

I pray for you.

We are each other’s best hope.


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