Come with me!

I want to have an ADVENTURE. Or, ten.

I think that my New Year’s resolution (yeah, I know January 1 is more than a month away, but hey, I’m a planner) is going to be to become an authentic Colorado girl.

In fact, I’ve started a Procrastination Pinterest board dedicated to all things Colorado. I just so happen to live in this great state, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer. I’ve lived out on the plains all my life, which has lent itself to plenty of adventure. I’ve custom combined wheat, moved cattle on horseback, gotten flat tires, and found arrowheads. For those who think adventure is only found at altitude, you try running over a rattlesnake with a lawnmower. If that’s not exciting, then I don’t know what is.

However, I think it’s time to broaden my horizons, travel around a little. This year, I’ve had a little taste of what adventure is.

As it turns out, adventure kind of tastes like predawn frost, blackberries, and terror. I’m hungry for more.

I want to:

Whitewater raft
Rock climb
Waterski Horsetooth
Climb Long’s Peak
Soak in the Glenwood Hot Springs
Sled down the Great Sand Dunes
Visit Four Corners
See the hot air balloons, either in Loveland or Colorado Springs
Go to a concert at Red Rocks
Camp in the mountains
Fish wherever the fishin’s good
Find waterfalls

Add to this list or hit the road with me!

I need to:

Get a real job. (Turns out, adventure requires a little funding.)
Get a real backpack.

Adventure is out there!


9 thoughts on “Come with me!

  1. Sarah! Longs is my goal for this July (first 14er) We should do it together! Also, Red Rocks is amazing. I’m certified at the gym so if you ever wanna rock climb together indoors let me know. Also, I love your blog and this CO exploring idea!

  2. dont just go watch the hot air balloons! my mom and i took a hot air balloon ride out near breck a couple of summers ago. not to diminish the magnificence that is a hot air balloon festival….just an additional suggestion.

    anyways i have the adventure itch as well! we should do the hanging lake hike next spring (google it!) say yes and I promise no flaking!

    1. an excellent suggestion. always ride in hot air balloons, that’s my motto. i say yes to hanging lake! my parents did it this fall, kind of on accident, kind of on purpose, but apparently it’s awesome and steep! no flaking!

  3. love your adventurous spirit, Sarah! I agree with hanging lake, it’s so beautiful. And i suggest riding a hot air balloon as well 🙂 ill join you for white water rafting, ever heard of the company Noah’s Ark?? Check em out!

  4. I absolutely love your “I want to” section! I’ve gotten to go whitewater rafting here in Colorado…absolutely a blast and super gorgeous! I’ve also enjoyed the hot springs…one of my favorite things to do and I will be going again this year. I think I would be a little apprehensive to actually ride in a hot air balloon, but they are fun to watch with all their cool designs. Lastly, I WISH I knew where to find waterfalls…sadly my tracking skills and knowledge base are low in that area.

  5. There are so many things on that list I’ve been meaning to do as well! Between school and sports it seems like it’s tough to find time for it, but I’m hoping to get around to some adventuring this summer. Also loved the UP reference at the end!

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