buried treasure

The black dog is a real comedian and is skeptical of adventure. (He’s been nervous in the car ever since the 3:47 am adventure, where everybody was seasick.) His favorite adventure is to go to the farm.

This morning he found a corn cob, which resulted in a kind of crazed joy that usually is only experienced by very small children on Christmas morning and adults on beaches sans those small children. He loves to bury things and is very particular that his treasures get covered with dirt in just the right fashion. He was too distracted to do the job properly today.

Instead of hiding his great find, he got the crazies and went tearing around. The excitement of it all was just too much, I guess. His little doggy self just couldn’t contain the joy. He had to run it out. Looked like a real lunatic, he did. Joy makes you looked possessed, it seems.

Apparently, it was worth braving Denver traffic to be able to find corn cobs. However, he didn’t come to that conclusion until we had clearly made it to the Great Plains. He definitely made sure he didn’t get left behind, though, becoming a black shadow as the suitcases landed in the hatch.

For being such a worrier, he sure hates to stay home in bed. There’s probably some deep life lesson there, about facing your fears and whatnot.


One thought on “buried treasure

  1. I love it when dogs find something awesome and then run around the yard like a bat out of hell. They are so excited for life. And you’re right, there is a life lesson there. We have to face our fears and go run around looking for corn cobs!

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