Single, much?

Top Five Reasons My Friday Was Better Than Yours

1. Free Hug Friday
“What’s with the free hugs? That’s kinda weird.” “You’re kinda weird!” Okay, so that maybe wasn’t the best comeback. But, how dare you judge my hugging! It makes people smile, Scrouge. Even if they don’t get hugged. Don’t question my motives. We’re trying to make our little corner of the world a better place. If that’s weird, than I don’t wanna be right. Or not weird. Whatever.

I know you read my sign. Get over here.

2. The Checkbook Balanced
When is this not a good day!? (On a side note, I’m really wishing that internship was paid…)

I may or may not have celebrated, happy dance-style.

3. Non-pancaked Chocolate Chip Cookies
I literally sent a text message to my mom that read, “My cookies are not pancakes! This may be the proudest moment of my life,”  complete with picture of said cookies. I hope my children are supercrazyfantastic because this is a pretty high moment in my life, accomplishment-wise. If you’ve ever made flatter than flat cookies, then you understand. Thank you for your applause.

The definition of success.

4. Lola Versus
This has been on my must-see movie list. (Yeah, I’ve got a list. And, yeah, Looper is on it.) IT’S FABULOUS. Lola runs around with these guys, things are messy and complicated and there’s a lot of sex, and she gets destroyed, but in the end, guess who she chooses!? (STOP READING, SPOILER ALERT) You aren’t going to believe this, but… she chooses herself.

“I’m taken, by myself.” -Lola

5. One Man Pajama Party
I wish I could tell you that this pajama party involved footie pajamas, a snuggie, and a blanket fort. Sadly, they were normal pajamas. There was not a snuggie involved. Building a blanket fort required a level of party dedication that I failed to muster as I was basking in the after-flow of cookie baking success.



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