Bring it, Santa

I can’t wait to be Santa Claus.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, here. It isn’t officially Halloween, yet. Those snow flurries aren’t helping my longing for my favorite season, though. (Or maybe it’s the promise of a month of non-school gloriousness? Naw, that can’t be it.) I did accidentally play a Christmas song the other day, though. Oops.

However, I can’t wait to be Santa for my own kids some day. I am going to love pretending to be a benevolent, bearded man who is pure magic, drives reindeer, and can fit down chimneys. Actually, I just love doing sneakily sweet things for people anonymously.

I also love the pure joy of giving. Last week I went out and bought the black dog a few new toys. He’s a power chewer. The nice man at the store was like, okay what kind of dog is it? The power chewing kind, mister. Needless to say, the rope toy is already in half.

However, he was SO EXCITED. I cut off the tags (safety first, kids!) and he shyly comes over and goes, “Is dat for meee? OH BOY!” He then took it outside, because that’s where the toys go in his mind, and proceeded to destroy play with it.

It was worth how tickled he was to get it. Bring it on, Santa


One thought on “Bring it, Santa

  1. Christmas is my favorite holiday! You are definitely not the only person who has already started playing Christmas music (maybe me?). My favorite thing is buying or making things for others, and especially making my baby girl (dog) happy! She’s small, so she doesn’t go too fast through toys, but she sure knows how to shake her tug-tug and play like a big dog. Anyway, great post!

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