Hey, good girl

In high school, the cool guys thought I would become a wild child when I got to college. I was a straight A student, captain of the volleyball team, in the National Honor Society, and never in trouble with any kind of law. The path I walked was straight and narrow, just like the 15 miles of dirt road we tore up in a GMC truck every day.

That was four years ago. I’m still tearing up dirt roads with the windows down and radio up.

I get up before the sun each morning.

I go to bed before 10 p.m.

Saturday nights I’m headed to church.

Sunday mornings aren’t for sleeping in.

I can’t remember the last party I went to. And it’s not because I was drunk.

I recently recounted this to a frat guy I’m friends with and you know what he said? “Your life must be so boring.”

Since when is being a so-called good girl synonymous with boring? I would beg to differ, kind sir. Just because this train hasn’t derailed, doesn’t mean it’s not a fun ride. I am completely in love with my life. Just because I’m not some crazy party girl, doesn’t mean my life is boring.

Take me hiking before 5 a.m.

Let’s go to Cheyenne on a whim to listen to a little Texas country.

Come race me up the trail to the A.

Dance in the rain as it comes pouring down and we laugh for sheer joy.

We’ll drink dark beer and ponder the night sky.

Put me behind a boat as the sun goes down, with water like glass.

We’ll raise our hands and say amen.

This is for all those good girls out there. You rock. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Every single thing about you is beautiful. Say it out loud, “I am beautiful.” Because you are. Believe it, revel in it. You are fun, fabulous, and fierce.

Here’s the thing about good girls: they turn into good women. Women who love passionately, sing loudly, dance in red high heels, run after adventure, never look back, and have the best time.


2 thoughts on “Hey, good girl

  1. Amen, sista! Getting wasted isn’t a necessary component to the college life. I like that you do what makes you happy, not what you’re expected to do. Good women come from girls who act from the heart. Seems like you have a big heart.

  2. Sarah ,
    You my dear are every parents dream child and although , I don’t even you very well your amazing spirit shines through everything you say and do.!!

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