The black dog never judges me. He never pretends to like me. He always think that when I come back home the world starts turning again.

If only we could all love like that.

The black dog, the only games he knows how to play involve chasing squirrels and destroying squeaky toys. He doesn’t try to play it cool. I walk in the door at night… sheer joy. The other day I left him at home while my sister napped on the couch. I got a text from her  that read:

He’s over here crying his little doggy eyes out and can’t tell me where you went, only that you told him to stay here.

Is that not the saddest thing!?

As people, sometimes we try to play it cool. We don’t let our faces light up with sheer joy when we see someone we care about. We tell ourselves to be strong, to never let ’em see us cry.

The black dog knows that life is full of disappointment and sometimes feelings can get hurt. But, he also knows that life is a joyful occasion which requires celebration.

Let your face light up when they walk into the room. It’s beautiful.

Let your tears fall in someone’s lap. It’s not weakness.

Try to love like that, and try to be the person your dog thinks you are. They’re more right about you than you know.

And, they love you just the same.


3 thoughts on “unconditional

  1. Great, now I won’t be able to leave my dog home alone anymore! As I was reading this post (sitting with my massive dog on the couch), he looked at me as if to say, “Don’t ever leave again….” Ugh.

  2. There is no love and excitement that you see than that of a dog that relies on cares about you when you get home after a long day.. pure love and innocence. I really liked your quotes- really good advice on how to be a genuine person! 🙂

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