good day, found shoe

Momma keeps talking about being grateful these days. She goes on and on about appreciating life and living out loud and all this other stuff.

I’m just like, duh mom.

We haz a house. I haz some fishy doggy food. I iz furry and awesome. I haz a ducky and a squirrel and a fluffy bed that’s less fluffy cuz I got carried away while mom was gone…

Iz still good bed.

Dis morning I found a SHOE. And a really big stick. And I chased an ugly bird. And then I got breakfast and had some toast. I love toast. Toast is da bestest. Then I took a nap on the picnic table in the sunshine. Iz gud morninguntil mom started singing and dancing and I got worried. It was something like…

“Damn, I got it all figured out

I got no worries that I’m worried about

It’s like I caught some crazy, happy disease

Damn, it feels good to be me.”

I don’t know about anybody named Uncle Kracker or Kid Rock. What kind of names are those? Those are only good names for old pigeons. And the way momma dances, I am sincerely worried she is crazy. So I hid. But I iz glad when momma is happy. Cuz if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I iz thankful for the bad dance moves then and terrible singing.

I like being alive. Iz gud day to be alive, every day.

Especially if I find a shoe.


One thought on “good day, found shoe

  1. Wow, great post! the picture of your dog sitting in the fluffy mess looking pleased with himself is great. It’s hard to be mad at a dog when they’re that cute

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