black dog’s brave mommas

The black dog has had to be so very brave in the times that he has roamed this earth. He was born on the streets to a momma who only knew how to love her boys the best she could with what she could give them. Her rescue journey out of Arizona to a better home in Colorado was probably the most terrifying experience of her life. She’s in the van for hours, rumbling down the road to where she doesn’t know.

There are strange smells and scary sounds and her boys are trapped there with her. She tries to be brave, but she’s scared to death. Who knows what will happen when the van stops and the doors open. Her fear left an indelible mark on her boys. But, their journey brought them into the arms of love.

The black dog ended up in a wonderful foster home, with a beautiful woman and her husband and their two sweet dogs. I could not be more thankful for them. His world then changed again when he came home with me. All this without his momma, and then without his foster momma. Can you imagine?  Leaving love like that? Those mothers having to let the black dog go? So brave.

The black dog is cautious by nature, and I’ve asked so much of him; I’ve asked for so much bravery. That’s the thing about challenging those you love, though. They tend to rise to the occasion. The black dog, he is so very brave, and despite his every reason to say no, he keeps on telling me yes. 


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