Positive Squirrel Love

Every morning with the black dog is a lesson in positivity. He shoves his nose in my face with an expression something akin to “IIIIIIITTTT’S MORNING. hi. I have to go potty. ISN’T IT LUCKY WE ARE ALIIIIIIIVE. You gonna get up or what. CUZ IIIIIIIITTTT’S MORNING! k. hi.” How can you not have a good day with that kind of alarm clock?

Pretty much everything that can happen to the black dog has happened. He’s been starved, abandoned, sick, scared, and lonely. Not to mention that he steps on cactus. That’s the thing about dogs, though. He’ll throw up breakfast and then look at me like, “When’s lunch? I feel fine.” If that’s not a positive attitude then I don’t know what is. Squirrels are a constant source of ecstasy, same goes for the bunny population. (We don’t believe in “sensitive” wildlife. They need a little spice in their life. I imagine the last squirrel went home and told her squirrel girlfriends about the nerve of that dog chasing her and how she gave him what for way high up in a tree.)  It’s a super excellent day if we find a shoe in the park or a really awesome stick. Dogs: they’re all about the little things in life.

Adopting the black dog from Animal House is the best thing I’ve ever done (next to finding God, who probably brought the dog to me in the first place). I’ve got the best reason to get up every morning bright and early. There hasn’t been a single day I’ve regretted those early morning walks. There’s always an amazing sunrise or smoke on the water in the fall or the guy we exchange greetings with every day. It’s a good life, the one I get to share with the black dog.


7 thoughts on “Positive Squirrel Love

  1. This is really an amazing post. It makes me miss my dog for sure. Reading this in the morning actually got me pumped up for the day even though its rainy and dreary. Sometimes I really wish I were a dog, because no matter what they really are positive. 🙂 That’s really cool that you have your black dog buddy!

  2. Ah, dogs. They really are something else. As I am commenting, I have a 105lb lab on my lap (he thinks he is much smaller than he is). I must agree, they are the best alarm clock!

  3. I love this post. You speak “dog-ese” very well. I could follow and engage with your rituals…or should I say Black Dog’s rituals because I too have a furry friend that acts and I am sure “speaks” the same way Black Dog does. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Waking up to the dog barking at someone for getting too close to our house was part of my childhood. I can definitely relate to having a dog as an alarm clock.

  5. I’m glad you found a friend in your dog! I miss my dog, Jesse, he’s a German shepherd and my mom took him back home when school started because I can’t give him enough attention with school and work 😦 but I do miss the morning wake up! That’s amazing you were able to adopt him and I can’t wait to hear more about him!

  6. It’s interesting that you refer to your dog simply as “the black dog.” It goes well with the picture at the top of your blog to create one of the themes for your blog.

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