Thursday’s salt

Thursday had been one of those days where several days attacked me at once. Before 9 am I had spilled coffee, the dog had stepped on a cactus, my feet were stone bruised, and a perfectly good shirt was ruined somewhere along the way. And you know what? I had THE best day. A year ago, that morning would have wrecked my entire week.

I think to think I’ve come a long way in that year. So far, in fact, that if you asked me to pick that girl out of a line up, I couldn’t do it. To land here, I’ve naturally had to scramble over every ragged boulder I could find. I know it will sound cliche and a few of you might roll your eyes, but a positive mindset makes all the difference. Positivity doesn’t come easily to me, having always been more of an Eeyore than a Tigger. The difference now? The grace of a great big God and a few extraordinarily beautiful women.

Margaritas with one of those women probably saved my soul a little Thursday night. You know that divine spark that resides in each of us? Man, she’s got it. The girl is a soft-spoken introvert, but she’s got this immensely creative, adventurous spirit and you can’t help but admire those adventurers. You would never guess it by looking at her, but she’s quietly, unobtrusively coloring the world. So yeah, I love a little salt and lime on a Thursday in September. What I love even more? Drinking to the friendships that inspire us.


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