my dear, stand up

There’s such a push in today’s culture to be unique, be you, be an original. Since when did just doing you turn into a pressure situation? How can we adequately fill this role of “being yourself”? We must be creative, embrace our passions, and contribute to the world. More often than not, we just want to curl up on the couch and be loved for our pajamas. It takes courage to be you; a little note society conveniently leaves out. Where can we leave our fear behind? For so long we’ve been told to look a certain way, act a certain way, be a certain way and now the script has been flipped. There is no mold, you can’t even break it.

Perhaps we struggle to be ourselves because we have no boundaries to define ourselves within. Good grief, what if I don’t have an original thought today? What if I don’t do anything that contributes in a creative, thoughtful, original way? What they fail to mention is the work it takes to be you, you don’t just blossom into this beautiful butterfly overnight. You have to struggle, you have to cry, you have to break just a little bit more, my dear. Hopefully you will meet some kindness along the way, a few ports in the storm in the shape of strong, confident women and the loving brown eyes not of some boy, but of a black dog, laughing.


2 thoughts on “my dear, stand up

  1. So the Good Women Project doesn’t much apply to me, but struggling to be oneself does. When I look at myself as who I really am, I get an image of a Hemingway want-to-be: Smoking a pipe, tapping away at a typewriter and hunting when I can. Is this a flattering image? I don’t know, but I enjoy who and how I am. This is a wonderful post and you are a talented writer. Keep up the great work!

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